Fees and Schedules

The Heart Fit Clinic has the heart experts to help you reverse and prevent heart disease. We use the most advanced and evidence based practice to deliver the best programs and services. It is simply better cardiac care – and it’s more affordable than you may think.

Our services can be tax deductible which can be covered by private health services plans and are a reasonable cost. But if we can let you know one thing, don’t look at what something costs, look how much value it brings. It is an investment in your health. You only have one heart.


Neglect is responsible for over 70% of cardiac illness. We have various cardiac services available to make it affordable to everyone! Contact the Heart Fit Clinic today. Take control of your heart health with the best cardiac rehabilitation, maintenance and heart attack and stroke prevention clinic with 100% money back guarantee.

Top 10 reasons why to Choose the Heart Fit Clinic from our patients