Heart Health Workshops

Corporate/Community Wellness Lunch and Learn Seminars

Are you looking for a speaker with their expertise on heart health? Heart disease and stroke is the leading cause of death of men and women in Canada and it is also the #1 preventable disease.

The Heart Fit Clinic have taken the best heart expert speakers in order for your organization to have a good understanding of their heart health.

Are you looking for a dynamic, high-energy speaker, who shares the keys to optimal physical and mental health? Speaker Diamond Fernandes has been recruited from his home town in Calgary to speak at various events (medical to professional) on various motivating and passionate heart health topics.

Diamond was fantastic. We loved him. Very informative and entertaining.
We wished we had more time with him. We would definitely recommend him.
He went above and beyond-meeting us before to clarify a few things and totally accommodating. All the best in your endeavors-and the best of heart health to you!
– Mary ann Termeer, Calgary.

Here is a list of various some of our Heart Health topics for your corporate wellness seminars:

  • How to avoid a heart attack or stroke
  • 7 Steps to reversing or preventing a heart attack or stroke
  • Achieving the best life possible. The art of goal setting for a heart healthy life.
  • 7 things I should eat to avoid a heart attack or stroke
  • Know your number, know your risk
  • How to exercise to avoid a heart attack or stroke
  • Constant cravings – the emotional connection to food cravings
  • Various other topics on
    1. The good, bad and ugly of medications
    2. Key supplements to avoid a heart attack or stroke
    3. Understanding your heart
    4. Stress management for busy people