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Cardiovascular Assessments

Prevent a heart attack or stroke with a personalized approach.

  • Important tests that you won’t find at your doctors office
  • Advanced Cholesterol Testing
  • Artery Screenings
  • Clinical Fitness Testing
  • Full Cardiac Risk Factor Profile

Medical Fitness Programs

Cardiac rehabilitation and chronic disease fitness, nutrition and stress management programs.

  • Heart Health Coaching
  • Clinical Personal Training
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Stress Management Programs
  • External Counterpulsation

External Counterpulsation

External Counterpulsation (EECP/ECP) clinically proven treatment for heart disease

  • Angina
  • Small or Multi-vessel disease
  • Blocked Stent or Bypass Surgery
  • Arteries Not Amenable to Surgery
  • Heart Failure
  • Diabetes and Circulatory Conditions


How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: Cardiac Rehabilitation, Cardiac Health Assessments, & Programs.

If You or a Loved One Is At Risk or Has Heart Disease Here Is Your Solution to Amazing Heart Health.

Do you or a loved one want to prevent or reverse heart disease?
Do you or a loved one have some form of heart disease or want to prevent a heart attack or stroke?

If you are finally ready to kick-start your heart health to new levels, then it is time to contact us today. And you should do this whether you are trying to prevent your first heart attack  or stroke, or trying to halt or reverse your heart disease with our cardiac rehabilitation programs and External Counterpulsation programs. There are great videos and documentaries on ECP and the benefits. Please visit youtube.

Are you concerned about your heart?

Do you have the right strategy to protect your heart and avoid emergency rooms? Are you concerned about leaving loved ones behind too early? It does not have to be this way.

Most people we meet think that they can do this all on their own. They wait and battle through the healthcare system thinking they might have the answer when they are missing vital pieces. We know from deep experience that having the best help with your heart health is the key to amazing heart health success.

Lets Navigate you through our healthcare system

Click on image to enlarge. Please call us to explain how the Heart Fit Clinic bridges an essential gap. We love to explain this image.

Some key points:

Over 50% of heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol.

Stress tests miss 30% of people with heart disease. Having people walk out of a specialists office with a clean bill of health.

The majority of heart attacks occur in blockages that are less than 50%.

Heart Stents/Surgery do not prolong life.


CAD = Coronary Artery Disease
Echo= Echocardiogram
Angina = Chest pain or symptom of possible heart disease
Myocardial Infarction = heart attack or acute coronary syndrome

Unfortunately, physicians lack the time and attention to answer all your questions. Cardiologists are great, however if you are not high risk you may be dismissed,  and general practitioners of course rely on heart specialists. That is why we receive referrals to our clinic. They truly know that medications are not your solution; they are a Band-Aid to a bigger concern.

Cardiac rehabilitation programs are important. Are you just seen as a number? Are you getting the attention you deserve? Are your questions being answered? Are staffs overworked? We practice what we preach, and our staffs work in a stress free atmosphere. We will find answers to your questions and concerns, which combine conventional along natural methods to achieve heart health success.

We have been helping people with their heart health for a very long time and truly understand what it takes to prevent heart attacks and strokes and reverse heart disease. Our cardiac rehabilitation and medical fitness programs are with a personalized approach to your heart health will provide you the confidence to get your life back to live happier, healthier and longer.

Message from our founder Diamond:

“My father had his first heart attack at the young age of 38. At the age of 42, he had bypass surgery. At the age of 42 my uncle, my father’s brother had his first and only heart attack at 42. Heart disease is in my family. I could not imagine what my life would be like to not have my father around as a child. After my father suffered few heart attacks, I decided to gear my career to find out everything I can to help him with his heart health. He is now well into his 60’s following our advice, along with thousands of others, to live happier, healthier and longer. Heart health is my passion and this passion is instilled with everyone in the Heart Fit Clinic since 2007. Our vision is to help as many people all over the world prevent and reverse heart disease with our educational material and hands-on personalized approach.”

Everyone is unique so we customize our programs to help you achieve your heart health goals. We have helped thousands of people like you all over the world and have discovered the best strategy for your heart health. We will provide you with all the “how to’s” to get amazing heart health, something sought after in today’s healthcare system.

You are 100% responsible for your heart health. Take ownership of your heart. Don’t wait in lines. Don’t wait for someone to phone you to get started. Be proactive with your heart. You only have one, love it and take care of it.

You have really two choices, (1) wait and see or (2) come and do. Our evidence based cardiac rehabilitation and heart attack and stroke prevention clinic will excel you to great levels.

1. If you are near one of our clinics then you can contact us and book an assessment. Once we understand your risk we will provide you with the tools to prevent and reverse heart disease.

2. If you are not near one of our clinics we have great free reports along with our online coaching program to really get you to the heart health you desire.