How We Differ Cardiologists

How Does the Heart Fit Clinic Differ Than Family Doctor and Cardiologist:

The Heart Fit Clinic is solely focused on preventing and reversing heart disease.

We like to work with your health care team; however the Heart Fit Clinic focuses on strategies that is not available in our health care system. Most physicians will miss the power of External Counterpulsation (ECP), lifestyle changes, with nutrition, exercise, key supplements, and stress management and your heart.

Unfortunately, there is a difference in treatment of stable versus unstable coronary artery disease. Doctors do a great job, however they are busy and time is there biggest commodity where it may leave you with questions not fully answered. The Heart Fit Clinic gives you a personalized approach to your heart health. We will take the time to explain your heart, and provide an individualized assessment and treatment plan.

When you go see your family doctor, they are important to follow up with your blood work (not just your cholesterol), and keep track of your health.

Its not all about cholesterol. Using a cholesterol lowering medication such as a statin, to prevent heart attacks is gambling. Click here

From a heart disease perspective, general practitioners can order some simple tests like an Electrocardiogram (ECG), check your blood pressure, blood-work and refer you to get other testing on your heart such as an echocardiogram, or a stress test. They are the hub of your health. They are important but they don’t have much in the way of tools to determine your heart attack or stroke risk.

A cardiologist can run the stress tests, read your ECG, echocardiograms and order further testing if required. From a preventative level, they want to see if you are a patient who requires attention or not (referred back to your family doctor).
THE MAJORITY OF HEART ATTACKS & STROKES OCCUR WITH PEOPLE WITH BLOCKAGES THAT ARE LESS THAN 50%. This can leave people leaving a cardiologists office with a clean bill of health.

Cardiologists are great at managing complications and emergencies to do with your heart, performing and reading diagnostic tests, managing medications, and performing interventions such as heart surgery.. If you are not high risk then you may get dismissed. If you do not have advanced stages of heart disease then you will be referred back to you doctor. As for treatment options for coronary artery disease is to stabilize the disease through stent, bypass or medications.
THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. As stents and bypass grafts can close up in spite of best intentions.

At the Heart Fit Clinic, our focus is providing with you an assessment to determine your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Our assessments are non-invasive, safe and painless. If you want to know your risk then we can let you know if you are at increased risk or keep rack of your disease process.

If you are at risk or have heart disease then our focus on preventing or reversing heart disease through or 3 Es:

  1. Education: providing you with valuable integrative education on nutrition, supplements, and stress management.
  2. Exercise: Exercise is the best medicine and we provide clinical personal training where we can monitor your heart rate, rhythm (ECG), blood pressure, oxygen levels and level of fitness.
  3. External Counterpulsation: ECP is a safe, non-invasive, non-surgical, painless treatment to improve blood flow, circulation and grow new arteries. To help patients with coronary artery disease, heart failure, diabetes and/or high blood pressure.

The Heart Fit Clinic fills a gap in our health care system, because cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading cause of death and hospitalization of men and women. We like to find out why you may be at increased risk.

Make sure you watch our video on Navigating Heart Disease