Blood Pressure Assessment

If you have high blood pressure, it is important to understand what is causing this to happen and how you can take steps to control your numbers. There are multiple factors that contribute to high blood pressure and there are many things that can be done to stabilize those numbers.

Central blood pressure readings are an advanced screening tool to assess what the blood pressure is within your aorta. This can be a better predictor of long term blood pressure readings.

Why do you have high blood pressure? 

Blood pressure is a complex process. Lifestyle factors, including inadequate nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, interrupted sleep, stress, hormones, heavy metal exposure can all be contributing factors. Blood pressures can also fluctuate throughout the day. You may require a 24-hour blood pressure monitor if your healthcare team believes your blood pressures are unstable.

How do I treat high blood pressure? 

There are several options for managing high blood pressures. Medications, supplements, and lifestyle changes are all important. We can work with you and your healthcare team to identify which treatment options can be best for you.

What can Heart Fit Clinic do to help me manage my blood pressure?

We want to work with you to identify why your blood pressure is elevated. We can do a thorough cardiovascular assessments to identify what factors may be contributing to your blood pressure. Our goal is to help you manage your health and make some positive lifestyle changes to improve your quality of life.