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“I’m very impressed, both with the staff and the therapy. The staff are very informed with the research they have done… I’ve already cut back on my blood pressure medication and the amount of nitro spray I need for my angina”.

– C.Brentnell
Dear Diamond

I know that it has been probably 14 years since I was one of your patients but I would just like to say thank you. I am fairly convinced that you put years onto my life not to mention helped my health and wellness level progress to what it is today. Your consistent go, go, go, attitude and enthusiasm still resonates and encourages my health. Just being where I am now is proof to me and countless others that what you are doing matters.

I have so much appreciation and admiration for you and what you do. Cardiac health and wellness is close to my heart, pardon the pun, as it is for all that you’ve helped. You will most likely never know what you did for me, nevertheless, thank you again and it is very good to see your website and
what you are still and now doing. It is so nice to see where you are now and some of your accomplishments with “Heart Fit”, it’s just incredible. Keep up the great work and you’re making a difference.

– Ryan Wickson

In 2016 I experienced several cardiac events and subsequently underwent a cardioplasty with 2 stents to the LAD. I felt better right away and was told that I could do anything. To celebrate Canada’s 150th the idea was put forward by Gus, our birding leader to hike across the 49th parallel from Saskatchewan to BC. I was keen to participate. This would mean walking an average of 10-15 kms a day over the prairie. However a month after the plasty I felt unwell again, so my meds were juggled and I went home. I was still experiencing some angina. The Drs were not sure what it was. So I decided to try the program at Heart Fit Clinic.

The assessment was very thorough and the team gave me great confidence. They advised me on diet changes, exercise and the ECP. I felt that I could do my own exercises and walking, as by profession I am a physiotherapist. So I opted for the ECP (external counter pulsation) treatment to complement walking and exercise. I also increased my vegetable intake.
I did 35 sessions of 1 hour each 5 days a week. At first I felt quite tired and slowly got used to it. My angina stopped, I slept better and my glucose levels improved. By the time I was finishing I was walking 10 kms in 3 hours.

We went on our hike and though I was the slowest, I did not have any angina and only missed half a day. We had an experience of a lifetime.
I continue to walk and maintain my diet and hope to do more hiking

– Maria Kimber

The HeartFit Clinic and Diamond Fernandes are caring, supportive, and responsible health care givers. At all times thy are attentive to their patients’ well-being – both physically, mentally, and emotionally. They have made a difference in our everyday lives and we commend them for that.

– J.Czaja

My heart problems began March 1980. When taking our customary run through the street of Montreal, I experienced chest pain. This had never happened before.

We lived at the time in a complex that included gymnasium which we used. The Head gymnast referred me to a Cardiologist. This caused a trip to the Victoria General hospital where I had bypass surgery.

This cured me aa– or so I thought. Come June of the same year, the pain returned.

Since that time I have had surgery after surgery but after each the angina returned.

My last surgery where they put stents inside of stents, occurred December 2012.

Soon thereafter, I came across the Heart Fit Clinic and decided to follow up on it. It has been the best thing I have ever done! No more angina and no more operations!

Since I started attending the clinic many services have been added such as ECP (increase blood circulation) and tests that diagnose heart problems so they can be properly treated. The one I like best detects plaque buildup.

I attend the clinic twice weekly for the ECP and the supervised exercise program.


– Wesley Mummery
The “Fear Factor”

I have been a regular, on-going Heart Fit Clinic patient for the past 7 years. Although there are many things I am grateful for about the Heart Fit Clinic (constant testing, ECP treatments, and continuous psychological and physical support), there is one thing, in particular, I feel Cardiologists DON’T address when a heart patient leaves their immediate care that the Heart Fit Clinic DOES in their program….and that is what I call “the Fear Factor”! Once you have had a “heart event” (be it a heart attack, angina, bypass surgery, stent insertion or the myriad other conditions related to heart disease), some of us live in fear….every day…..and I felt I would NEVER stop thinking about it! Because of the constant support of Diamond and his exceptional staff, who stuck with me through my tears and listened to my fears, I was finally able to let the “fear” go. With their positive reinforcement, encouragement, knowledge, testing and education my improvement has been continuous and my confidence has grown. I no longer question…”Is it my heart?” every time I feel an ache or pain. Thank you! You have all given me strength, confidence and what I needed to survive and get on with my life!

– Joy McNeil

My last visit to the cardiologist yielded this comment “your heart function has improved dramatically”. I will see him again in the fall. Clearly the ECP treatment have been successful. I stopped wearing the nitro-patch almost completely and have not been experiencing any angina of late.

– Robert

“Diamond and Heart Fit Clinic was great to deal with. Heart disease is very strong in my family and they gave me a great foundation to work from and continues to this day to provide support and information on this disease. I cannot say enough about Diamond’s commitment to his clients.”

– Zawada Kadri

“They spent a lot of time with me and were very helpful. They gave me advice on what supplements to take to replace what was missing in my blood and it helped to get my energy back.”

– Lynn Read

I first heard of Heart Fit Clinic on radio. When I called the office and spoke to Diamond, he invited me to an information seminar. I was very impressed by his wealth of knowledge and intrigued to learn more about the program.

Since this treatment seemed to be a good fit for me I signed up. The first step was a very thorough medical that included great testing, and extended blood testing that was sent to a lab in the US. Once the results were in and analyzed by Heart Fit I found out I qualified for their External Counterpulsation (ECP/EECP).

The program consisted of 40 one hour sessions with the ECP. While on the machine, there was always qualified medical person with me to answer any questions I had and to explain why the machine was so effective in treating heart disease. Not only did I learn what the machine was doing, but why it was so effective. In my case, it was not only a great experience, but it helped to ease the fear that my blockages were potentially fatal by explaining how they were being repaired by the treatments.

A few weeks after my 40 sessions were complete I had a couple of experiences that confirmed to me that the treatments were a success! The first was at a Flames game. Normally I have to wear glasses to see the plays on the ice. That game, I had forgotten my glasses. I was sure I would be leaving soon after the game started because I wouldn’t be able to see it. It was about 10 minutes into the play before it hit me, I was not missing a thing! I saw everything that was happening on the ice without my glasses on! I think that excited me more than the game itself.

A few days later my wife and I were walking in Fish Creek Park. I was able to go up and down the hills at least three times without experiencing shortness of breath that always plagued me in the past. I was beyond thrilled!

Thanks to Diamond Fernandes and Heart Fit Clinic, I have a healthy future ahead of me.


Francis Docherty

” This heart assessment is an excellent source of information. Knowing your risks can greatly influence the change necessary for a healthier life! The profile information is laid out very well and easy for the average person to read and understand.”

Jodie Southcombe

“Heart Fit helped me discover that I had an unknown risk factor to heart disease. Using the advice and recommendations made by The Heart Fit Clinic’s program, in 6 weeks I lowered my blood sugar level from 13.5 mmol/L to 5 mmol/L.”

Rick Hebert

“The Heart Fit Clinic’s staff was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The motivation was excellent and the staff is dedicated, compassionate and believes in what they are doing. This program will go far.”

Beverley Neuls

“The whole experience was excellent. I have recommended it to others. I was a reluctant participant, but I realized how much I had to learn. This program has truly changed my life and my family’s as they all belong to the gym.”

Dave Parkhurst

“The Heart Fit Clinic did a great job. I’ve already recommended the program to others and will continue to do so.”

Curtis Emery

“Everyone with a heart problem should take this program. It was great to be one on one with the specialist answering my questions. There was great flexibility in scheduling the program.”

Bill Johnson

“Everything is excellent – I can’t fault anything with The Heart Fit Clinic’s program. It was great motivation to keep me on track.”

Dave Rogers

“The program and service were great and they helped me understand all of my risk factors. Great staff who gave me the tools to help me manage my heart problem.”

D. Sinclair

“It is worth the drive for the special services The Heart Fit Clinic offers. I enjoyed the program immensely and would recommend it for anyone concerned about their heart health”

Vilma Dawson

“I’ve had great results and learned a lot. I would recommend Heart Fit for anyone.”

Linda Wilson

“Excellent in understanding my risk factors, very good program and close to home.”

Eric Keefe

“I have learned a lot of ways to improve my overall health. With all the visual tools The Heart Fit Clinic has given me I am more excited about exercise now.”

Diane Anderson

“It’s a great program which helped me a lot to understand my heart condition. It gave me extra strength and I would recommend this program to anyone.”

Bruce Wilson

“Very pleasant, enjoyable, enlightening, beneficial.”

Rita Alteman

“Very pleasant staff, always on time. It was fun and made me want to continue forward.”

Marjorie Doherty

“I would highly recommend for the motivation, education and personal attention I received.”

Lorraine Townsend

“I would highly recommend this program for the prevention of Heart Disease heart failure. High quality, competent program, informative measured data, life changing, very satisfied.”

Al Dee (Cardiac Prevention)

“Very professional and understanding”
Arlene Niznik (Cardiac Prevention)

“Heart Fit is a very good program and it would help most people with heart problems and those who have a risk of heart problems. The staff are knowledgeable, kind and understanding. They make sure that at the end of 6 weeks you leave with more understanding of your heart condition and you are more confident about how to handle your life in the years ahead.”
Nancy Groundwater (Cardiac Rehab)

“Heart Fit provides an excellent opportunity for people to see ways to improve and recuperate their bodies.”

Joe Taylor (Cardiac Maintenance)

“I’m very impressed, both with the staff and the therapy. The staff are very informed with the research they have done… I’ve already cut back on my blood pressure medication and the amount of nitro spray I need for my angina”.

– C.Brentnell

“Exceeded expectations…Well defined.”

Gary Jones (Cardiac Rehab)